Top 8 Traveling Tips

January 1, 2017


Your smartphone is the one thing that you never leave home without. Weather you are just going to the office or will be traveling for business, we rely on this tool for communication, information, navigation and entertainment.


Using your smartphone in another country often incurs "roaming" fees, as you will be using an international cellular network which is why we would like you consider these following money-saving tips.


1. Travel Plans

Carriers like TELUS will offer travelers the option to purchase add-on roaming packages to save you money off the standard pay-per-use rates for voice, texting and data. Be sure to use our chat box or email us directly to let us know where you will be traveling to inform you of the available roaming packages that we offer and so we are able to assist in adding the package on for you.


2. Disable Push Mail

Unless you need to know when a new email arrives, you are able to manually "pull" for new emails instead of having the data pushed to your phone automatically. iPhone and Android users, for example, should turn off "Fetch New Data." Apps that support push notifications are always pinging servers to look for new data.


3. Open for business


On a related note, limit the usage of data-intensive applications when roaming, plus you should explicitly close the apps and don’t leave them running in the background. This includes Google Maps, YouTube, social feeds and other apps that might stay on in the background and check for updates, which eats up data. iPhone users can double-tap the Home button to close open apps. On Android, press and hold your Home button and then swipe to the right to close apps (newer Samsung phones have a button to the left of the home button that shows all open apps, which you can close).


4. Stop the sync


Temporarily turn off the option to synchronize data and apps automatically. For Android, turn the “Sync” option to off, to avoid surprising roaming charges. Apps like news, weather and stock quotes are usually set to automatically sync using your data connection. iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry also have auto-sync options you might want to suspend while traveling.


5. Incoming calls, too


Be aware roaming charges apply for making local calls in another country or calling back to Canada (or international calls). Roaming also applies to receiving calls, as well as picture and video messages and data (email, web surfing, video streaming, visiting Facebook, and so on). But receiving a text message you don’t reply to won’t incur any charges.


6. Wi-Fi wins


While away, you could turn off data roaming on your mobile device and only pick up email, surf the web or check Facebook when in a free Wi-Fi network, such as at a local café, hotel lobby or airport. Just refrain from things like online shopping and online banking as there could be cybercriminals that take advantage of unsecured networks.


7. Consider text, IM


Use text messaging opposed to making a voice call as it’ll likely cost a lot less – and with no small talk. Instant messaging (IM) programs are also relatively affordable, but require a data plan (or free Wi-Fi hotspot). Programs like WhatsApp, BBM, Kik, Viber or Facebook Messenger use little data, they're fast and reliable, and they offer advantages over texting (such as getting a confirmation when a message has been delivered and read).


8. Mail management


If you’re a heavy email user, go into your email settings and choose not to download the entire email from lengthy messages. This way you can manually tap “Get remaining message” (or a similar option) to read the entire text, if desired. Similarly, you can also choose for attachments not to download automatically, such as a large image.


Original post by Marc_Saltzman August 6th, 2015

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