East Asia

Roaming Passports

Features and Pricing



Outgoing Text

Unlimited Incoming Texts


50 Minutes





75 Minutes





150 Minutes




how it works

Good for 30 days

Each package is good for 30 days from the times it's added to your account, and expires automatically after that period

no-cost notifications

Get free data usage notifications when you are close to using all of your data, helping you to protect against overages.


If you exceed your Passport limits, overages charges are $0.50/min for talk time, $0.50/MB for data, $0.50/outgoing text.

Traveling with a roaming package?

When you choose not to purchase a roaming package, the following standard pay-per-use rate will automatically be applied to your monthly bill.

The East Asia pay-per-use rates are: $2.50/min for calling, $10/MB for data, $0.60 / outgoing text, and free incoming messages

Terms & conditions

Valid for 30 continuous days from the time it’s added to the account.

Minutes include outgoing calls to East Asia countries and Canada while you are in East Asia.


Minutes also include incoming calls received from anywhere in the world while you are in East Asia.


Outgoing calls made to countries outside of East Asia and Canada are subject to the pay-per-use rate for the country you are roaming in.


Includes all texts sent to or received from anywhere in the world while you are in East Asia.


Picture and video messaging are not included in the text allowance.


Includes free incoming texts while you are in East Asia.


Includes data used while you are in East Asia.


International Travel Passes are not available on CDMA devices.


Before you go, ensure you have International Roaming enabled on your phone.