google pixel 3

a phone worthy of any wish list.

A new way to capture your world.

Automatically recommends the best pics, where no one is blinking and everything is just right.

Pixel 3's dual front facing cameras lets you take group selfies.

Point your camera to find products online, identify landmarks, plants and animals, add events to your calendar and more.

Super Res Zoom keeps your pictures sharp when  you zoom in - without the blur.

Turn your world into a playgroup with reactive characters and captions.

A Smarter battery for the things that matter.

Fast Charge - Charges fast. Lasts all day.

Adaptive Battery - Power for the apps that you use most. Pixel 3's Adaptive Battery learns your behaviour over time and limits battery for the apps that you use less often.

Wireless Power - Charge wirelessly. Charge fast with Pixel stand. Pixel 3 is also compatible with any Qi-enabled wireless charger.

Make Google do it with Google Assistant.

Ask questions, play music, control your home and more. Just squeeze your Pixel or say, "Hey Google".

Google Pixel 3


Google Pixel 3 xl